Senators grill pharma execs for raising drug prices, protecting patents ‘like Gollum with his ring’


The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday barbecued senior administrators from seven of the biggest pharmaceutical organizations for raising the rundown cost of physician endorsed medications in the U.S.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore, the positioning part on the advisory group, got out medication mammoth AbbVie for raising the cost of its blockbuster rheumatoid joint pain sedate Humira. He said the organization multiplied the cost of a year supply for the medication to $38,000 from $19,000 through the span of six years.

“Can the patients choose a more affordable option? They can’t, on the grounds that AbbVie ensures the selectiveness of Humira like Gollum with his ring. Thick patterns licenses and shadowy manages drugmakers, every one of them are set up to keep the money streaming,” Wyden stated, alluding to the vile “Ruler of the Rings” character who pined for the ring of influence.

Administrators of AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi were affirming before the board of trustees at a conference called “Medication Pricing in America: A Prescription for Change, Part II.”

Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., asked AbbVie CEO Richard Gonalez for what valid reason the organization doesn’t offer a similar cost on its top rated medication, Humira, to patients in the U.S. as it does abroad.


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